How it began

Z-Ora Founder Isabel Zapf

Every morning is a fresh start. Who does not love to wake up and feel fully alive from the very first to the last hours of the day? A healthy mind and physical wellbeing as well as inner alignment are key. At the same time, I have always been fascinated by the power and miracles of nature and deeply believe in its healing capacity.

Living a successful life professionally as well as personally means for me facing challenges with ease, confidence and resilience while keeping my heart light, my attitude positive and a strong connection to myself no matter the external circumstances. Personally, I noticed that especially what I ate had a huge impact on my wellbeing and performance throughout the day.

That’s why I have created Z-Ora. A bowl for those who strive to be their best selves and live up to their full potential. I wanted to create a product that meets the highest standards and is your golden partner in the morning especially on busy days when you most need it.

Our products invite you for a moment of wellbeing. Begin your morning in the purest way to strengthen your body, and bring balance and clarity to your mind. 

Have a fabulous start to your day!

Enjoy Z-Ora :)