Dr. med. Anne Latz

Meet our medical adviser and certified nutritional doctor 


My work focusses on the potentials of lifestyle & especially nutrition for personal wellbeing. Experience tells: Implementing a self-rewarding and -nurturing behaviour is not easy. Our modern lifestyle including „unhealthy“ high-paced environments is an important hurdle. As is personal motivation and a lack of time or routine. To generate change we thus focus on the positive: One key goal in lifestyle medicine and health promotion is to take you from where you are at the very moment to somewhere better. Starting a journey. Because neither health nor wellbeing are binary. Z-Ora brings you on this journey towards your best self, starting every single morning with a choice enabling consistency and simplicity combined with energy and confidence. So don’t reach for normal, reach for better. And be the enabler of your best self, needing no excuses but embracing your modern Z-Ora lifestyle.


Dr. med. Anne Latz (M.Sc.) is a medical doctor with a background in public health and passionate about health promotion, prevention and lifestyle medicine. She is a certified nutritional doctor (Germany Society for Nutritional Medicine, DGEM) and worked in patient care before starting her career as a digital doctor in Germany and the US, currently holding the position of the Chief Medical Officer at alley, pioneering value based healthcare in Germany. For the German ministry of health she developed a campaign on diabetes prevention with a focus on social determinants of health. She is a diplomate and certified professional in lifestyle medicine (BSLM/IBLM).


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