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Organic Clarity Bowl - a healthy breakfast to start the day

Organic Clarity Bowl


Clarity of mind gives you the ability to focus on what is actually important for you. Cinnamon regulates your blood sugar levels and has a stimulating effect on circulation. Walnuts are great for the brain. Blueberries and almonds are full of antioxidants. Enjoy your Clarity Bowl to start your day with awareness and vision.

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Organic Strength bowl - a healthy breakfast to start the day

Organic Strength Bowl


Perfect in the morning for a new and energizing start, your Strength Bowl has a refreshing taste to make you feel alive and ready for the opportunities ahead of you. High in iron and magnesium as well as a great source of plant protein and antioxidants, this is your ideal breakfast after a morning workout.

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Organic Balance bowl - a healthy breakfast to start the day in inner alignment and peace

Organic Balance Bowl


Inner balance is the foundation for true wellbeing and continuous performance. The bitter notes of the açaí and fermented cacao have a purifying and stimulating effect on the body according to ancient medicine. Full of antioxidants, your Balance Bowl keeps your body young and spirited.

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