Every morning, there is the opportunity for a fresh start. We strive to be and feel at our best to enjoy every single day. We desire the feeling when our mind, body and soul are in sync and everything just seem to work for us.

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A feeling that I also get from reconnecting to nature and what I wanted to bring into my morning routine. I noticed that especially what I ate had a huge impact on my mental focus, physical strength and inner peace on that day.

Organic Strength Bowl

An organic nutrient-rich mix of 34% nuts, 26% dried fruits, 26% seeds, 10% oats and 4% baobab for power and strength.

Organic Balance Bowl

An organic nutrient-rich mix of 38% nuts, 26% dried fruits, 20% seeds, 12% oats and 4% acai for inner balance.

Organic Clarity Bowl

An organic nutrient-rich mix of 42% nuts, 27% dried fruits, 18% seeds, 13% oats for clarity and focus. Energy for your body, wellness for your mind, and a touch of nature


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