A Month of Wellness with Z-Ora

wellbeing from within


Be and feel at your best and make 2021 YOUR year.

Harnessing good energy is important to overall wellbeing and can provide a greater sense of control anytime we feel low or anxious. 2020 has been without a doubt a difficult and stressful year but it has also been a year filled with opportunities to learn how to cope and navigate our inner world, a powerful buffer and a great tool to carry with us as we move on to the New Year!

We have created “A Month of Wellness with Z-Ora”, a four-week plan that you can find in our blog which will highlight different ways to nourish you from the inside out. These are useful, easy, and practical ways of keeping your wellbeing at its strongest for 2021. 

We are not here to form only intentions, we are here to create habits in order to manifest them.  A Month of Wellness is designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to take care of your mind, body and soul especially during this period of transition so that you can really be at your best for 2021 by feeling energised and positive from the inside out!

A Month of Wellness with Z-Ora

Week 1: It all starts with YOU.

One of our goals for 2021 is to establish a health and fitness routine that we truly enjoy in order to maintain a fulfilling balanced lifestyle. To achieve this, we have to prioritise our own wellbeing.

Does the term self care leave you with a feeling of discomfort? Does guilt literally stop you in your tracks as you constantly deprioritise your feel-good rituals? 

Self care is health care. Engaging in it means accepting responsibility for yourself. It’s not luxurious or lazy, it is smart and proactive. Reflect on how you think, feel and act when you are well nourished and consider how this benefits you and those you love as you radiate good energy.

Week 2: Foods that nourish YOU.

Notice how transformative good food can be: Being mindful of what we nourish our body with can help with balancing and uplifting our mood. Nothing elaborate is required - for this week, we are simply trying to put more awareness on the food that we prepare for ourselves and our loved ones by sharing food and ingredients that are naturally mood-enhancing. 

Week 3: Inspire and be Inspired.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? Have you got a person that you look up to? Surrounding yourself with people, objects and stories that inspire you is the best thing you can do. Similarly, the evolution of technology means that we have many tools available to keep us inspired and motivated throughout the day - these resources are best shared amongst friends and for this week, we will be sharing our list of inspiring resources and activities so keep your eyes peeled! 

Week 4: Be and feel at your best.

Now that you have made space for yourself to top up your cup, made healthy food choices to nourish you from within, armed yourself with the resources you need and surrounded yourself with people who inspire you - feel how a balanced lifestyle brings a real sense of bliss and happiness and more importantly, how it changes your life. 

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