The Ultimate After-Workout Strength Bowl

After-workout strength bowl

Ingredients(1 serving)

50g Z-Ora Strength Bowl
200g soya quark
1 big spoon nut butter
1 banana

Morning workout successful completed and in need for some good and healthy nutrition? Compensate for all the burned calories and increase your protein intake!

This recipe gives you the energy you need with 16g of plant protein, healthy fats, as well as lots of magnesium and potassium.

Pour 50g Strength Bowl in a bowl. Just use quark instead of milk and add a spoon of your favourite nut butter, stir, let soak for a while* and chop a banana on top...

... enjoy and feel strong for the rest for your day!


*For most health benefits, it's best to prepare your bowl the night before like Overnight Oats as soaking facilitates the absorption of valuable nutrients from the nuts and seeds for the body.

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