Make your own Almond Milk in just 2 minutes!

Self-made almond milk
Ingredients(1 serving)
150 ml water
10 almonds 
1 pinch of salt
Optional: 1 pinch of vanilla and/or a tea spoon of honey


Put 10 almonds (peeled if you prefer it pure, with skin if you don't want to sacrifice any nutrients) in a bowl, add 150ml of water and a pinch of salt (and vanilla) and let soak overnight (at least about 10 hours). 

The next morning, add the honey if you like it sweet, blend it in our mixer or food processor, pour it over your Z-Ora bowls and enjoy your super healthy self-made breakfast!

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  • Cecilia Reygers

    I love making my own plant-based milk. Thanks for the recipe! Once you start reading ingredient lables of store bought milk you will definitely start making your own ‘clean’ plant-based milk.

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