Opt for a Healthy Dessert in the Morning

Healthy dessert instead of breakfast

Ingredients(1 serving)

75g Z-Ora Balance Bowl
100ml hazelnut milk
50g raspberries
Some fresh mint leaves
A splash of cacao and additional açai powder

Please your sweet tooth in the morning and opt for a healthy dessert for breakfast: 

Pour 75g (about 5 tablespoons) in a bowl, add about 100ml hazelnut milk, stir, cover and let soak for at least 20min or overnight*.

Before you enjoy, add some fresh raspberries, and sprinkle little fresh mint leaves as well as a splash of cacao and açai powder over the bowl for an even more intense taste and to turn your bowl into a piece of art. 

Serve or enjoy with a big smile - no guilt, but lots of pleasure :)


*For most health benefits, it's best to prepare your bowl the night before like Overnight Oats as soaking facilitates the absorption of valuable nutrients from the nuts and seeds for the body.

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