Hotel inspired breakfast spread

Hotel inspired breakfast spread

This elegant breakfast spread is created by the talented Gili Biegun - Art director, Photographer, Stylist and Editor-in-chief at @joysmagazine.

When there's a will, there's a way.

The lockdown didn't stop the amazing Gili Biegun from using her artistic skills to create a hotel breakfast in her own 5-star quarantine living room in Florence using our Z-Ora Bowls

Thank the Fashion Goddess for her creativity, elegance and great taste for setting such a gorgeous breakfast mood which was enjoyed in a very relaxed way - just how all breakfast should be.

Gili uses almond or oat milk with her Z-Ora Bowls and loves to top it up with different fresh fruits. One of her favourite ways to have the bowls is to use them as part of her smoothie recipes!

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