Big Announcement - Transition to Climate Action

Big Announcement - Transition to Climate Action

Today, I write to you in person to share a big announcement.

The roots of Z-Ora were planted in the first lockdown to help you strengthen and nourish your body from the inside out. In just a year, Z-Ora achieved more than I would have expected: Strong brands like Lululemon, Westwing and Sweatcoin spread our Z-Ora Bowls across Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. And especially the press loved it! Grazia, Het Parool, Happinez, Porche Club Magazine, JAN and many more featured us while influencers couldn’t get enough :)

But since then a lot has happened: In the face of extreme fire and floods and after a summer of deep reflections, I have decided to stop my product line Z-Ora Superfood Bowls for now. Instead of seeking investment, I have chosen to dedicate my talents to climate action in order to contribute to the biggest challenge facing my generation.

Thank you again for your support! All the best and stay happy & healthy!!

With love,


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