The smallest change can be the most effective. When it comes to diet, we don't believe in making drastic changes.

Z-Ora Founder, Isabelle Zapf advises "When it comes to attaining a healthy diet - remember that if you create small changes and turn them into habit - you get a successful lasting result."
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We have all experienced huge changes and challenges to our social circumstances in the past year, with some of us spending long periods of time alone or within a limited bubble of social contacts. The mere thought of yet another slew of changes is disconcerting. We have also had to adapt to a new way of life which has radically impacted our lifestyles, work and relationships and while this initially caused discomfort, we very quickly adapted to that new way of living – whether we like that new way of living or not.
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When we imagine ourselves away on holiday, we’re likely to picture a happier, more zen and adventurous version of ourselves.
Isn't it tempting to sail away to sunnier and warmer places when life gets overwhelming?

But the question we should as ourselves is "Isn’t life too short for our highlights to fall exclusively on our holiday leave?".
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The last year has taught us how important it is to guard our space and mental wellbeing.

If you feel yours had taken a few too many knocks and blows recently then firstly, you are not alone. A global pandemic is not something ANYONE could have prepared for and we’ll be the first to admit it’s thrown a lot of things off-kilter. Routines, exercise habits, eating schedules, social interactions, work-life, finances, family dynamics and loss to name just a few… all of which massively impact our mental wellbeing.

With the most terrifying part of this rollercoaster hopefully behind us, it’s time to start rebuilding our lives step by step. For some, jumping back into normality will be a walk in the park, for others, it will take small steps to build confidence. No matter how the past year has gone for you, putting your focus on your mental wellbeing should be a priority, whether that’s establishing mindful practices, journaling your thoughts or even tapping into hobbies that fill you with joy again.

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Stress may sometimes be unavoidable, but burnout is preventable.

With stressors hitting us from left to right, stress has become a day to day part of life. Work can be overwhelming and responsibilities get exhausting. This has become the norm.

But did you know that nourishment plays a big part in helping to combat burnout? What you choose to put in your body starting from the moment you wake up, the amount of sleep you get, exercise, and activities that give you comfort and joy are approaches that will be a tool for you to prevent burnout.
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