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Nutrition in the context of a modern lifestyle: Time efficiency and optimization meet the desire for highest quality and trustful resources. Z-Ora does all the work for you, bringing a balanced, healthy planetary diet into your bowl.

Dr. med. Anne Latz, Health and Nutrition Expert
Dr. med. Anne Latz, Health and Nutritional Expert

The bowls are high in nutrients, you know exactly what you get, and what it is good for. I often see that my clients have certain shortages, e.g. of protein or magnesium. Z-Ora is a great recommendation to have a good start to the day in a natural way!

Michelle Den Hollander, Nutritionist & Hormone Expert

With Z-Ora my clients can already start their day with a simple, nutritious and delicious meal. I highly appreciate the purity of Z-Ora’s breakfast bowls, which are additives-free and sugar-free, and nourish our bodies with natural organic superfoods.

Cecilia Reygers, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I’m quite critical, but this product i can really stand for! Healthy, no processed or unnatural ingredients and she knows what she sells: pure mixes for every taste something. Recommended and try it yourself! *Great to bake with as well ;)

Bodile Overdevest, Dietician & Orthomolecular Therapist

Abs are made in the gym but revealed in the Kitchen! For me, the right diet ensures that my body receives all the nutrients it needs to function perfectly and perform at its best.

Maya Streibl, Personal Trainer & Lagree Instructor

The right nutrition is key to achieve top performance. Z-Ora bowls are the perfect breakfast after my training in the morning.

Giulia Bossi, Triathlete and Wellness advocate
Giulia Bossi, Triathlete and Wellness Advocate

Cinnamon & Dates

Clarity Bowl


Baobab & Coconut

Strength Bowl


Acai & Cacao

Balance Bowl


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Our pouches and labels are 100% biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Disposed in the general waste, the packaging will decompose naturally.

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